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    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Analysts are expecting another double digit increase for individual insurance rates in Maine under the Affordable Care Act. Lewiston-based Community Health Options and Massachusetts-based Harvard Pilgrim Health Care are the only insurers that continue to offer ACA-compliant individual health insurance. They’re facing a June 4 deadline for submitting their 2019 rate […] Reported by Seattle Times 23 hours ago.

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    Second OrigiMed Summit for Cancer Discovery: Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy Held in Shanghai, Promoting Precision Medicine of China to Go Global SHANGHAI, May 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With the rapid development of the global medical industry and the advent of precision cancer medicine in China, gene detection-guided clinic treatment has become a significant development trend. On May 26, 2018, the Second OrigiMed Summit for Cancer Discovery: Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy was held in Shanghai. Themed on "Broader Vision, Deeper Insight", Chinese and foreign experts and scholars in this summit carried out a further discussion on such topics as tumor targeting and immunotherapy, aiming to benchmark China's precision treatment against international standard. Opening Ceremony

    For this summit, four experts in precision medicine from Scientific Advisory Board of OrigiMed Inc, including Professor Matthew Meyerson, a founder of targeted therapy from Harvard Medical School; Professor Gordon Freeman, a founder of immunotherapy from Harvard Medical School; Professor Carlos Arteaga, CT application specialist and director of University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas; and Professor Tony Mok, international lung cancer expert from Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, gathered in Shanghai to show the cutting-edge research results in precision treatment for attendees. In addition, honored guests such as Professor Wu Yilong, lifetime director of Guangdong General Hospital; Professor Chen Haiquan, director of Thoracic Surgery Department, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center; and Professor John Cai, director of CEIBS Center for Health Care Management and Policy, were invited to cast new light upon issues of public concern like the transformation of precision medicine to clinical practice and the development policies and economic relationships of targeted medicine and immunotherapy, providing a new way of thinking and a breakthrough point for cancer treatment in China.

    Generally speaking, precision medicine is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare. In this model, diagnosis and therapy are often made appropriately based on the context of a patient's genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis, with medical decisions, treatments, practices, or products being tailored to the needs of the patient. Basically, cancer is a genetic disease. Every cancer is caused by the mutation of specific genes, entailing precision testing before precision treatment. Only when the type of gene mutation is clearly defined can the correct selection of targeted therapies be made to truly benefit patients. In America, the coverage of over 300 FDA-approved tumor gene detection products by health insurance means great changes to be made in cancer treatment. In the future, gene detection will not only provide cancer patients with more personalized medical services but also reduce their financial pressure.

    At the first experts' meeting on precision medicine strategy hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015, it was announced that investment totaling CNY 60 billion was expected in this sector by 2030. Precision medicine has become a nationwide initiative since then. Although still at its infancy in China, precision medicine is bound to benefit the large population of cancer patients with the substantial support of government. In such context, the OrigiMed Summit for Cancer Discovery: Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy is of particular concern.

    In this summit, based on accurate detection techniques and international leading biodata analysis, OrigiMed released multiple new findings for cancer patients in China that had never been reported before. These findings will be practically and effectively applied in clinical treatment. Meanwhile, OrigiMed also provided multiple international clinical research platforms. Since establishment, OrigiMed has built many international platforms such as the world's leading international scientific advisory team, the international platform for clinical exchange and discussion, and international cooperation platforms for precision treatment of hepatobiliary tumor and breast cancer, having greatly promoted the precision, individualization and internationalization of cancer treatment in China.

    "Precision treatment is a cutting-edge front in tumor studies and precision detection is a prerequisite for precision treatment. Our goal is to identify the origin of cancer and provide a more individualized precise treatment for each patient," Wang Kai, CEO of OrigiMed said. "In the past, we're only able to test one gene in a single detection. But now, several hundred genes can be tested at the same time with higher precision using NGS. Based on the optimization algorithm and strong knowledge base developed by our company, patients can get accurate and broad information about various mutations of several hundred cancer genes through samples of the same size. Only in this way can the needs of clinically precise individualized treatment be met. In the future, we also hope to build more international cooperation platforms and work with domestic and foreign industry experts and peers to promote the development of precision medicine in China and fight against cancer together."

    Professor Matthew Meyerson, expert in cancer genomics and director of both the Cancer Center, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University and the DFCI Cancer Center, expressed that he was honored and looking forward to joining Scientific Advisory Board of OrigiMed. He hoped OrigiMed would make further progress in NGS and precise treatment to provide more clinical assistance, with the comprehensive detection of hundreds of genes applied in clinical practice.

    Professor Wu Yilong, one of the members in the presidium and lifetime director of Guangdong General Hospital, said that China's precise treatment would play an increasingly important role in the international community since China has entered into an era of rapid changes and reforms in medicine. With the upcoming commercialization of China's first checkpoint inhibitor in 2018, clinical trials should be conducted for immunotherapy and precision detection employed to select optimal biomarkers to provide effective help for more patients. Besides, Mr. Wu pointed out that powerful biodata analysis techniques and capabilities would play an important role in future precision treatment.

    The summit was sponsored by OrigiMed Co.,Ltd, which was founded in May 2016. With the capital from IDG Ventures, Green Pine Capital Partners, Volcanics Venture, Wedo Capital, Star VC and other famous investment institutions at home and abroad, OrigiMed upholds the core principle of "Tracing Cancer Back to the Origins" is committed to the R&D of new diagnosis and treatment technologies to be applied in clinical practice for all cancer patients across China. By carrying out comprehensive detection of 450 cancer genes via NGS and its innovative technologies tailored to clinical needs, OrigiMed offers one-stop precision detection, featuring six major clinical functions. Besides, OrigiMed launched the first mobile application of precision treatment data in China, Doctor Marmot, which has provided more assistance for clinical treatment. At present, the clinical detection service network of OrigiMed has covered more than 200 core hospitals in nearly 40 key cities nationwide.

    View original content with multimedia: Reported by PR Newswire Asia 2 hours ago.

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    *Direct-to-Employer, or DTE, offers a delivery program for self-funded health insurance which enables health systems, providers, employers and the insured to all share the benefits and savings*

    *TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2018 /* Health Systems and Healthcare Providers are searching for solutions to increase market share in their community and this is certainly a key to a comprehensive growth plan. This new private-labeled *Direct-to-Employer* Program links healthcare providers directly with community employers.

    Direct-to-Employer, or DTE, offers a delivery program for self-funded health insurance which enables health systems, providers, employers and the insured to all share the benefits and savings. Through direct reinsurance for catastrophic losses and employer funding, costs can be reduced versus traditional insurance company self-funded plans.

    A large majority of employers fall within the 10-99 size segment and would be ideal candidates for a self-funded direct to employer solution. Employers would be presented the opportunity to purchase a self-funded program with specific and aggregate coverage through the DTE program.

    This new direct-to-employer solution is a "turn-key" ERISA self-funded health plan with appropriate levels of stop-loss insurance, outsourced administration of claims and administrative services, and a data warehouse with appropriate analytics for population health management and deploying successful population health optimization strategies.

    *There are 4 main reasons why the Direct-to-Employer program is a strategically important addition to any healthcare provider and the larger community it serves:*

    · It levels the playing field with the large payors and allows the development and control over your own network
    · It provides local employers with a solution they have been asking for - the opportunity to break from the insurers
    · It provides the Healthcare System and its providers with a robust source of new fees and revenues which includes a large share of the savings
    · It increases the Provider's ability to achieve the Triple Aim - improve the patient experience, improve the health of the population and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.

    With the Direct-to-Employer (DTE) program, Providers can create a direct contracting solution that allows employers with as few as 10 employee lives to buy major medical insurance and other ancillary services directly from the Healthcare Provider on a self-funded platform. In Pennsylvania for example, 63.7% (Source: EBRI 2016) of all employers are partially or fully self-funded and the trend is moving upward due to negative impacts of community rating and secular trend with fully-insured products being sold. The direct-to-employer platform is created in partnership with Key Benefit Administrators (KBA), Accountable Care Solutions Group, LLC (ACSG), and CSuite Solutions LLC (CSUITE).

    *The dynamic value the Direct-to-Employer Solution delivers to Healthcare Systems/Providers:** *

    · *CONTROL* - the Provider will have control of plan brand (private label), design, steerage factors, referral protocols, authorizations, and direct input on complex case management, and complete access to all medical service data by every member in the plan.
    · *SPEED TO MARKET & LOW COST OF ENTRY* - If a Provider were to capitalize the necessary infrastructure to support a direct-to-employer program and DTE contracting solution on its own, it would cost more than $2 million and take up to 1½ years to deploy. By working through the partnership of ACSG/KBA/CSUITE, a fully deployed and ready-to-market DTE program can take 6 months or less to implement and cost less than $400K.
    · *PROPRIETARY* - Because the product is unique to each Provider, a competitive system cannot participate without the Provider's permission.
    · *FAVORABLE FINANCIALS* - Increase in top-line and incremental revenues versus a passive PPO arrangement. Additional revenues under gain-sharing alone can contribute 10% to 12% to top line over any other plan with self-funded employers.
    · *STEERAGE* - The plan design incentivizes the member to access the Provider's network for the least out-of-pocket (OOP) costs.
    · *ATTRIBUTION AND REFERRAL MANAGEMENT* - Program requires assignment of a Provider-based PCP at enrollment and requires referrals be authorized for other providers not in the primary network - allowing for control of utilization and attribution of patients.
    · *GAIN SHARING* - The Provider can share in 50% savings of an employer plan. A great means of engaging, recruiting, and retaining physicians and nursing resources.
    · *AT THE TABLE* - Ability to sit at the table with employers, employer coalitions, and chambers who are paying the bills. Establish the Provider's brand and control the messaging without interference from payers and vendors.
    · *COMPETITION* - Competing effectively with other medical providers.
    · *MESSAGE* - Controlling the message in the community.
    · *ACCESS* - Complete access to all employer claims, biometric, HRA, RX, and encounters from other providers, etc., via EZView data reporting access - 24/7.

    *The dynamic value the Direct-to-Employer Solution delivers to Employers:*

    · *REDUCED MEDICAL SPEND* - In-network Physicians are incentivized through participating in Gain Share savings to reduce the employer's medical spend
    · *INCREASED FLEXIBILITY* - Employer(s) and the Provider control the plan, not the insurer
    · *PLAN DESIGN OPTIONS* - Elimination of state mandated benefits
    · *DECREASED TAX LIABILITY* - Elimination of most state premium tax
    · *A LA CARTE ADMINISTRATION* - Administration tailored to the employer's needs including core competency in complex healthcare administration - 40+ years of self-funded medical experience as well as on staff legal counsel specializing in ERISA law, employer law, and healthcare reform law
    · *INCENTIVIZED CARE RESULTS* - Potential Gain Sharing formula with Provider Physicians by way of focus on Evidenced-Based medicine
    · *IMPROVED AND "SUPERIOR" ANALYTICS* - Access to detailed claims reporting and analytics including healthcare risk management reports and EZ View™ technology
    · *AMERICAN HEALTH DATA INSTITUTE* - Risk Management through patented Chronic Disease Management (27 conditions and comorbidities)
    · *CARE CONTROL* - Active Referral Management
    · *BUNDLED PURCHASING* - Ability to select from additional ancillary services offered by the Provider as part of direct to employer bundle
    · *IMPROVED CARE* - Better care, quality, and outcomes for employees and dependents

    Jointly operated by Key Benefit Administrators (KBA) and CSuite Solutions, DTE is managed and administered by some of the top leadership in healthcare systems and third-party administrators (TPAs) in the world. CSuite Solutions alone brings over 200 years' worth of combined experience through its partners, who have had great success in clinical integration, network development, provider-based insurance, revenue cycle optimization, volume to value transitions and accountable care organizations. One of the largest non-insurance TPAs in the U.S., KBA has a track record of 30 years when it comes to reducing costs associated with healthcare.

    For more information on how to bring the DTE solution to your health system, contact Stewart Schaffer, Managing Partner, CSuite Solutions at (813) 540-7750.

    *Direct To Employer
    *4830 W Kennedy Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33609
    United States
    (813) 545-7750

    *SOURCE: *Direct To Employer Reported by Accesswire 2 hours ago.

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    Recently, the government announced yet another ambitious scheme aimed at providing health insurance to 50 crore individuals. Reported by 1 hour ago.

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    Exploring the role of Glutathione for Healthy Lifestyles

    NEW YORK (PRWEB) May 29, 2018

    Two recent Master Classes held at Project Farmhouse in New York City provided the perfect environment for an educational forum on the power of glutathione, “Master Antioxidant” and the role that it plays in immunity and detoxification as part of healthy aging.

    In her opening remarks, Keri Glassman explained why glutathione is called the “Master Antioxidant”. “Glutathione not only neutralizes free radicals by itself, it also has the ability to reactivate other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. After antioxidants like vitamin C and E neutralize free radicals, they become unstable radicals themselves. Glutathione helps recycle these unstable molecules, returning them to active duty and extending their abilities to scavenge for and neutralize oxidants.”

    As a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Keri always recommends that our diet should be our key source of nutrition, but in reality, our busy lifestyles often prevent this. So, a little additional “health insurance” can make all the difference. The audience was encouraged to pick their top glutathione rich food from a list of the top six. Asparagus was number one, followed by avocado, spinach, oranges and lastly walnuts!

    Delving deeper into healthy lifestyles and the role glutathione plays, Keri took the participants through two specific functions:

    Immunity: Our immune system is a system of cells that work in the body to destroy pathogens and cancerous cells. Glutathione contributes to the stimulation of natural killer cells, increases white blood cell count and neutralizes free radicals while helping to regulate apoptosis.

    Detoxification: Glutathione helps eliminate toxins, chemicals and potential carcinogens that have made their way into the body and become absorbed. It is most abundant in the liver and the kidneys, the primary detox and elimination organs. It also protects the DNA against damage or mutation caused by harmful chemicals, environmental agent or damaging lifestyle habits. While your body’s systems come equipped with a complex set of mechanisms and compounds designed to eliminate toxins, your body can continually absorb more through food, water and air. Ridding your body of common toxins can help increase energy levels, boost your immune system, and it promotes healthy aging and overall wellness.

    “Glutathione is present in every cell of the body, but as we age glutathione levels decrease due to various factors including UV irradiation, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and chemicals,” commented Keri. “It’s important that we up our glutathione levels to ensure that we get the protection this master antioxidant can provide.”

    Kyowa Hakko, a global manufacturer of research-backed Setria® Glutathione, conducted a study on glutathione which found that daily consumption of glutathione supplements was effective at increasing the amount of glutathione in the human body by up to 35 percent when taken daily at a dose of 1,000 milligrams for six months.

    “I really enjoyed the presentation. I never realized what a powerhouse glutathione was and how important is is especially as a woman who is now over 40. It’s something that I’m really going to take into account in my daily regimen and especially in advising others.” Solana Nolfo

    Media interested in setting up an interview with Keri Glassman, or a representative from Kyowa Hakko, to discuss the health benefits of glutathione, please contact Giselle Cholette:, 212-693-2150.

    About Setria® Glutathione
    Setria® Glutathione, manufactured by Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd., is a clinically studied and patented form of glutathione that, when taken orally2, has been shown to replenish the body's reserves, which may be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices, stress or natural aging. Called the "master antioxidant," glutathione helps protect cells in the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria® Glutathione is manufactured through fermentation process to yield high purity and high quality, is vegetarian and allergen-free. For more information about Setria® Glutathione, visit

    About Kyowa Hakko USA
    Kyowa Hakko USA is the North & South American office for Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd., an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products. For more information visit
    **Setria® is a registered trademark of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD. Reported by PRWeb 31 minutes ago.

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    Reported by DallasNews 20 hours ago.

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    6,000 Americans Sign Open Letter to Ask Government Leaders to Ensure Access to Care

    PLANO, Texas (PRWEB) May 29, 2018

    More than 6,000 individual Americans who have been impacted by or who personally rely on charitable patient assistance have signed an open letter to urge the federal government to protect the programs provided by national nonprofit organizations such as Good Days.

    For more than 30 years, patient assistance organizations have acted as a safety net for people with rare and chronic illnesses — ensuring access to treatments and bridging gaps in care. But the safety net those nonprofits provide is under threat. There is no policy to fix the holes in government-sponsored health insurance plans that patient assistance charities were established to address, yet the government is endangering their programs and the chronically ill patients who are unable to afford life-sustaining medical treatment.

    “Charities such as ours are in a unique position and have a responsibility to the patients who desperately need our assistance,” said Clorinda Walley, president of Good Days. “We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the federal government to further ensure access to care for patients in vital need of their medicine and treatments.”

    Good Days shared the open letters with the offices of government leaders with oversight of the issues that charitable assistance organizations face, including U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar; Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee; Senator Diane Feinstein, Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee; Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee; and Congressman Jerry Nadler, Ranking Member, House Judiciary Committee.

    Pharmaceutical companies once assisted Medicare beneficiaries through their own patient assistance programs because Medicare did not broadly cover outpatient prescription drugs. The passage of Medicare Part D in 2003 established coverage for pharmaceutical costs and allowed for non-profit patient-advocacy groups to establish co-pay funds that could be funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Since many of the prescriptions to treat chronic conditions like cancer are expensive specialty medications with no generic equivalent, charitable patient assistance programs became the sole vehicle through which needy Medicare beneficiaries could receive co-pay assistance.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidance to these charities so that they can operate according to best practices. This has led to the establishment of safeguards to prevent outside influence on patient and provider choices of treatments. Importantly, before a person receives charitable assistance, they have already met with a physician, been given a diagnosis, and prescribed a therapy plan. It is only after this point that a patient can seek to obtain charitable assistance.
    To read the petition in full, visit:

    For more updates, follow Good Days on Facebook:

    Good Days is a national, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that makes life-saving and life-extending treatments affordable. Since 2003, Good Days has provided more than 800,000 grants and helped more than 500,000 people with access to healthcare resources. Reported by PRWeb 18 hours ago.

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    WellCare Health Plans Inc. has a definitive agreement to buy Meridian, headquartered in Detroit and one of the largest privately held, for-profit managed care organizations in the United States, for $2.5 billion in cash. The deal calls for WellCare (NYSE: WCG), a Tampa-based managed care provider focused on government-sponsored health plans, to acquire Meridian Health Plan of Michigan Inc., Meridian Health Plan of Illinois Inc., and MeridianRx, a pharmacy benefit manager, a press release said. The… Reported by bizjournals 16 hours ago.

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    The IHC Group, a leader in specialty health benefit products announced today a partnership with new pet health insurance marketing company, Toto Pet Insurance , Inc.

    NEW YORK (PRWEB) May 30, 2018

    The IHC Group (IHC), a leader in specialty health benefit products announced today a partnership with new pet health insurance marketing company, Toto Pet Insurance , Inc. (Toto). Under a marketing and services agreement, Toto is able to seamlessly enter the market with a new pet insurance that is supported by plans underwritten by IHC’s highly rated carrier, Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC) and expert administration by PetPartners , Inc. which is also a member of The IHC Group.

    Toto’s market launch is planned for mid-summer and will feature new products, plans and competitive rates to appeal to a broad range of consumer budgets. The company, based in Richmond, Virginia, will also introduce its ‘pay it forward’ TotoCares program, a radically transparent initiative that will contribute a percentage of policyholder premiums to veterinarians across the country to provide vital medical treatments to pets in need and in so doing save their lives.

    Rick Faucher, President of the pet health division of The IHC Group states, “We are excited to welcome Toto to our family of pet health insurance partners and brands. As a Benefit Corp, Toto brings to the pet insurance marketplace a fresh perspective centered around a commitment to social impact, which we believe will resonate well with veterinarians and pet parents alike. This partnership also allows IHC to expand our reach into additional pet insurance consumer markets.”

    “Our goal is to establish Toto as the pet insurance brand with a heart by protecting pets and their parents with a simple and affordable product built on a socially conscious mission,” stated Bruce Trowbridge, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Toto Pet Insurance. “It’s a unique proposition that IHC understands and was ready to support. Toto is very excited to make our debut in select markets in early July.”

    IHC entered the pet health insurance space in January 2011 and has since rapidly established a vertically integrated structure for marketing, administering, pricing and retaining risk on its pet insurance products. IHC’s quickly growing pet insurance division includes AKC Pet Insurance , the exclusive pet insurance provider of the American Kennel Club since 2003, and , the popular pet parent destination for health, product and insurance information. The new agreement with Toto further demonstrates IHC’s commitment to strengthening and growing its footprint in the pet health insurance marketplace.

    For more information on The IHC Group’s pet health insurance products and services, please contact Rick Faucher at 602-395-7083 or

    About The IHC Group
    Independence Holding Company (NYSE: IHC), formed in 1980, is a holding company that is principally engaged in underwriting, administering and/or distributing group and individual specialty benefit products, including disability, supplemental health, pet, and group life insurance through its subsidiaries. The IHC Group owns three insurance companies (Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc. and Independence American Insurance Company), and IHC Specialty Benefits, Inc., a technology-driven full-service marketing and distribution company that focuses on small employer and individual consumer products through general agents, telebrokerage, advisor centers, private label arrangements, and through the following brands:; Health eDeals Advisors; Aspira A Mas;; and IHC creates value for insurance producers, carriers and consumers (both individuals and small businesses) through a suite of proprietary tools and products, all of which are underwritten by IHC’s carriers or placed with highly rated insurance companies.

    About Independence American Insurance Company
    Independence American Insurance Company is domiciled in Delaware and licensed to write property and/or casualty insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Its products include short-term medical, hospital indemnity, fixed indemnity limited benefit, group and individual dental, and pet insurance. Independence American is rated A- (Excellent) for financial strength by A.M. Best Company, a widely recognized rating agency that rates insurance companies on their relative financial strength and ability to meet policyholder obligations (an A++ rating from A.M. Best is its highest rating).

    About PetPartners Inc.
    PetPartners, Inc.’s history dates back to the 1980s when British-owner and leading innovator in pet insurance, Sir. John D. Spurling, created a pet health insurance company exclusively for The Kennel Club in Great Britain. PetPartners provided pet health insurance to dogs and puppies in the United Kingdom for nearly two decades before its arrival in the United States. Since 2002, PetPartners has been the exclusive provider of pet health insurance protection to registrants of The American Kennel Club through the AKC Pet Insurance brand. In 2004, PetPartners was selected by the Cat Fanciers' Association, the largest registry of purebred cats, to provide health insurance to CFA registrants. In 2009, PetPartners began to offer its new PetPartners-branded products both to individuals and groups (such as associations, companies and credit unions).

    About Toto Pet Insurance Inc.
    Licensed in Delaware as a public benefit corporation, Toto is a for-profit company that is legally bound to not only consider the effects of its decisions on shareholders, but also the impact of its choices on employees, the community and the environment. Shortly after its market launch in July, 2018, Toto will become a Certified B-Corp®, the certification granted by the nonprofit organization B Lab to for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. For more information, please visit Reported by PRWeb 7 hours ago.

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    Member Benefits, the administrator of the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, introduces long-awaited Members Health Plan (MHP) for Texas law firms.

    AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) May 30, 2018

    After years of building member participation in the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, administrator Member Benefits is introducing a new health plan option for Texas law firms. Different than traditional group health options, the Members Health Plan (MHP) is a multiple employer self-funded health benefits trust exclusively for Lonestar state law firms and their employees. Through the MHP, participating law firms will join together to pool their risk as one large multiple-employer group.

    This plan aims to not just lower the cost of healthcare benefits but also reduce administrative fees and grant access to a wider variety of potential health plan benefits.

    Member Benefits President and CEO Earl “Chip” Trefry Jr., CLU had this to say about the launch: “This has been over two years in the making and we’re all very excited to see it come to fruition.”

    The Growing Need and Ultimate Development:

    Over the past number of years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the insurance landscape have been hot topics among Americans ranging from politicians, to families across the country. The past two years, in particular, have seen a number of industry-leading insurance providers pulling out of certain state markets– only to enter into others, or pulling out of the entire Insurance Marketplace altogether.

    Texas, like many states, has not been exempt from dealing with an ever-evolving insurance marketplace landscape. This constant state of instability has left many individuals and families uncertain as to what their Health Insurance coverage, rates, and overall options may be from year-to-year. Texas lawyers and law firms are no exception.

    Texas has one of the highest concentration of lawyers and legal professionals in the country, and while they have exclusive access to the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, there has been a growing call for more options for firms and their employees.

    According to Scott Rothenberg, Texas attorney and Chair of State Bar of Texas Insurance Member Benefits Committee, “For years, our members have been asking for a plan that leverages the buying power of our large numbers. Creating a plan that: (1) controls the ever-increasing cost of healthcare; (2) while maintaining access to quality health care; and (3) satisfies federal and state insurance regulators, was a daunting task. Despite the challenges presented, the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange has delivered.”

    The MHP has been designed to help Texas law firms better control the ever-increasing costs of healthcare without sacrificing access or overall quality of care. Rothenberg goes on to say “The Members Health Plan (MHP) will initially provide attractive options for some members and their firms. Our hope is that over time, the MHP will evolve into the best option for most, if not all, Texas law firms. The MHP will start out with 13 new PPO network plan options, including three HSA compatible plans, and six interchangeable prescription plan options. The MHP has the potential to save hardworking Texas law firms money and bring quality health care back within their reach.”

    Research & Analysis Department Director for the State Bar of Texas Cory Squires, says “With over 100,000 active members of the State Bar of Texas in 2017, I know that there are a lot of firms out there that will benefit from the new MHP option made available through our long-standing health and benefits partner Member Benefits. Our members have been waiting for a plan like this for a very long time and we can’t wait to give them this option!”
    Texas law firms can learn more about Members Health Plan at

    About Member Benefits

    Member Benefits, the administrator of the Members Health Plan and the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange, is a technology-driven insurance brokerage and third-party administrator that focuses on benefit programs and insurance exchanges for member-based organizations. Member Benefits specializes in the design, marketing, and administration of programs for employer groups, associations, affinity groups, and franchises. Member Benefits operates in many states with physical locations in both Jacksonville, FL and Austin, TX. Reported by PRWeb 7 hours ago.

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    The new and actually affordable way to offer company benefits designed for small businesses.

    SALT LAKE CITY (PRWEB) May 30, 2018

    Small businesses and self employed people have always held the short end of the stick when it comes to getting a quality benefits package for themselves or to offer employees.. Managing Health insurance, Retirement plans, Life insurance, Dental, Vision, Disability and etc has proven to be a daunting task for owners who are not offered the affordable packages that their big business counterparts regularly enjoy, nor the HR staff to manage finding and administration of any benefits. Though a pressing need, it usually falls to the wayside due to the overwhelming barriers that are encountered. (

    "We have been searching since January to find something that would work for our sister shop Camper Reparadise. The problem has not only been cost, very prohibitive for a small, still fairly new company like ours, but also the different needs and wants of the employees" says Melanie Zinninger of Retro Rentals of Utah, typifying the problems encountered. This also affects the ability of smaller companies to hire effectively and creates an unfair disparity between bigger companies who can offer employees more and those that can't.

    There are finally solutions being created by companies that have designed packages specifically for small businesses, but they are still few and far between. One such company is Consistent Common Sense, LLC. CEO Corinne Kligmann saw the need and put together a non traditional way of offering high quality benefits for small businesses and their owners. "As a small business owner myself, I was unable to find these for my employees. Being an entrepreneur I set out to solve the problem for my own company and along the way discovered the scope of the need in other business owners, and the next thing I knew, I had created a business to meet this need," said Kligmann who went on to say, " Small business owners are often overlooked because they don't present the high profits that bigger companies do for the big insurance companies and benefit companies. We have created a way to solve that problem and bring the best goodies off the top shelf and make them accessible to even self employed people."

    "Our service is so different because the business owner can actually choose how much they can afford to contribute to the employee's package, even if that is nothing at all, and we can still create a package that will fit any individual employee's budget. We have plans for as low as $11 a month," exclaimed Kligmann, her excitement obvious.

    This type of service is new to the industry and has opened up doors for small business owners that have previously been shut. Melanie Zinninger of Retro Rentals of Utah said. "We are so excited to finally find a way to bring affordable options, that will fit everyone's needs, and hopefully make us look like super heroes to our wonderful worker family." thus sharing the sentiments of companies that have been able to finally solve this frustrating problem.

    You can get more information at Reported by PRWeb 7 hours ago.

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    [India], May 30 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Max Bupa - one of India's leading standalone health insurance players - was felicitated with Best Product Innovation and Diversification in the Year award Reported by Sify 1 hour ago.

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    Competition in the health insurance market is heating up with VHI announcing cashback as an incentive to customers to do more transactions online. Reported by 4 hours ago.

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    More than 95% of healthcare groups that have commented on President Trump’s effort to weaken Obama-era health insurance rules criticized or outright opposed the proposals, according to a Times review of thousands of official comment letters filed with federal agencies.

    The extraordinary one-sided... Reported by L.A. Times 4 hours ago.

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    Sunnyvale, CA , May 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arrayit Corporation (OTC: ARYC), a life sciences and personalized medicine company, announces that the company has achieved the clinical testing accuracy required for reimbursement under Medicare and Medicaid.  Accuracy testing, supervised by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), assesses quantitative measurements of the immunoglobulin E (IgE) regulated analyte in the general immunology proficiency testing program.  Arrayit’s testing performance included a score of 100% on the SA-2018 proficiency event and constituted successful cumulative performance required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) over a one-year testing period.  CMS regulates approximately 260,000 clinical laboratories through the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program, and proper certification is required to receive Medicare and Medicaid payments.

    Arrayit is pioneering next generation personalized medicine tests that utilize non-invasive finger stick blood sampling, convenient blood card collection and patented and proprietary microarray technology to accurately and rapidly test analytes in the bloodstream that can assist in identifying and treating allergy, asthma and food intolerance.  These tests are being offered through major brands to hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), clinical laboratories, physician groups, consumers through the assistance of medical doctors, and patients covered by the Medicare and Medicare federal health insurance programs.  Medicare and Medicaid services combine for more than $1,200,000,000,000 ($1.2 trillion) in total healthcare expenditures annually for the 117 million recipients.

    Arrayit CEO Rene Schena states, “Achieving the accuracy benchmark required for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement allows us to expand the availability of our personalized medicine products to assist healthcare providers covering a large number of American families with government insurance.  The non-invasiveness of our finger stick blood tests is particularly suited for young people, seniors and demographics requiring monitoring at regular intervals for allergy, asthma, food intolerance and other lifestyle indications.”    

    *About Arrayit*
    Arrayit Corporation, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, leads and empowers the research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and healthcare sectors through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science and personalized medicine products and services to advance biomedical research and improve wellness and human health. Please visit for more information.

    *Safe Harbor Statement*
    We have identified forward-looking statements by using words such as "expect", "believe", and "should". Although we believe our expectations are reasonable, our operations involve a number of risks and uncertainties that are beyond our control, and these statements may turn out not to be true. Risk factors associated with our business, including some of the facts set forth herein, are detailed in the Company's public filings.

    Public Relations
    Arrayit Corporation
    Tel: 408-744-1331
    Web: Reported by GlobeNewswire 1 hour ago.

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    More than 95% of healthcare groups that have commented on President Trump’s effort to weaken Obama-era health insurance rules criticized or outright opposed the proposals, according to a Times review of thousands of official comment letters filed with federal agencies.

    The extraordinary one-sided... Reported by L.A. Times 32 minutes ago.

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    WellCare’s planned acquisition of Meridian shows why small health insurers should bulk up. Reported by Wall Street Journal 14 hours ago.

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    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Legislature is sending a bill package to Gov. Rick Snyder that would restructure the way the state funds its Medicaid program for low-income people. On Wednesday the Senate approved legislation to repeal Michigan’s Health Insurance Claims Assessment, a revenue system that foots Michigan’s share of the bill for its […] Reported by Seattle Times 15 hours ago.

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    Reported by Politico 12 hours ago.

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    The law gives the state the authority to impose the individual mandate and collect a fee from people who do not buy insurance. President Trump repealed the federal requirement. Reported by 11 hours ago.

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